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Would you like to be a credited contributing author of Speech & Language Haikus? Do you know someone who should submit a haiku? This is the submission page.


Haiku is a form of poetry, first made popular in Japan. Haikus should convey a message in only 17 syllables. This collection will be related in some way to speech therapy.

You may use tools such as wordcalc.com to help, if you don't have much haiku experience. Feel free to submit more than one haiku. Not all haikus are guaranteed to be included in the book. We will be announcing a submission deadline, and then informing accepted authors. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for examples, inspiration, and related announcements.


  • Submitted haikus must not be published/ posted on social media or anywhere else, so the book can contain new content for its readers. We will not share your haikus outside of the book.

  • Haikus must meet our required format of 17 total syllables. Three lines as 5, 7, and 5.

  • Haikus must be related in some way to speech therapy or experiences related to being a speech therapist or graduate student.